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Sunday, October 3, 2010

autumn in central new york

a pink hydrangea sporting it's autumn colors
it is mid day and the sun is shining and it is 52 degrees fahrenheit. the fall flowers are in full bloom and are lovely. the asters, white and pink anemone, mums are really showing off in the afternoon sunlight. autumn is upon us. 
the vegetable garden is all but done. a few tomatoes are hanging on, some late planted greens, parsley, basil, and tarragon are still available. the red runner beans are dripping with pods drying in the autumn sun. the last of the canning is done and the last batch of fresh marinara is simmering on the stove as i write this. 

it was a great year for tomatoes. the yellow heirloom and the plum tomatoes have really produced and the plants are still baring fruit. 
the last tomato picture this year...i promise!
 my husband and 2 of the grandchildren picked apples from our tree yesterday. i am not sure of the variety. i bought it when we purchased our home 45 years ago. i wanted a tree for our kids to climb. it has produced so much fruit over the years. my husband made a small dent in the wheel barrow of apples. he made 12 quarts of sauce. a few quarts went into the freezer and the rest got distributed to the family.they all live within a mile.
there are still apples left on the tree and this is what remains after making the sauce.  help yourself!!

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