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Sunday, October 24, 2010


i am at the stage where i am glad to have them. too many close friends are so longer here to share them with us. as mine rolls around i always think of them and try to count my blessings instead of my age and be grateful for another year.  one of my greatest blessing is to have my children and grandchildren within a mile of us. another is to have my 91 year old mother share my birthday with me

always posies and home made cards
even a flowered shopping bag
  we have two immediate family birthdays in october. our tradition for special occasions is lobster with a bit of bubbly. so it is lobster for 12. some one asked why my recipes were so is 12 or more for most occasions

awaiting their destiny


last garden tomato salad, roasted brussel sprouts, portabella mushrooms

ready for the table

even the youngest knows how to do it
i forgot to get pictures of the potatoes, salad and the marinated, grilled venison. too much bubbly maybe!

and finally, birthday cake
my daughter can bake a cake that is perfection. it's all in the timing. she also  makes a great butter cream frosting,  real butter of course...we did enjoy!

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