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Sunday, May 1, 2011

this and that

back from a a family vacation. it was wonderful but i could not plant my tomato seeds till i got back. so after the plants got watered and we got a few groceries in the house, it was planting time. maybe i will be lucky and we will not have a frost until october this year. today they are just poking their little heads out of the soil. i planted black krim, cherokee, jubilee, pink brandywine, yellow pear and black cherry, all heirloom. i will buy a few early bearing plants and a half dozen plum tomatoes.

they have a month to grow before they get planted outside in our growing area. tender plants such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers do better if planted in the beginning of june. they don't like their little roots to get cold and it takes the soil that long to warm up around here.

i am itching to plant the snap peas, arugula and a few other greens. it needs to dry out before we can work the soil. i don't have a big garden anymore...a square foot garden along the pool fence and the tomatoes, some squash and a little corn go out back.

do you think i will ever get a tomato?
next on the list was getting the paperwork done for displaying some paintings on mother's day. sounds simple but it was not. i needed to scan the art work , matt and frame it. actually i pick out the mat board and my dear husband cuts the mats and frames the picture. i think that choosing the paintings is the most difficult part and then deciding how to mat and frame comes next. so here they the way, the paintings will be displayed and for sale on mother's day at sycamore hills garden.  they open their garden on mother's day  from 11-4 pm to benefit baltimore woods nature center   go and enjoy!



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  1. Beautiful...

    Have an awesome day...


  2. So life-like. Great artistry. Good luck at the sale.