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Thursday, May 26, 2011

in their glory

i do not know the name of this peony. it was given to me by ginny watson many years ago. it is a garden favorite, one of many...i love it's feathery leaves and it it blooms early along with the apple blossoms. the heavy rains damage the delicate petals.

another beauty this year, my white bleeding heart (dicentra). it is related to the wildflower called dutchman's breeches. i like the reflection in the window of the door. with some adjustments, it might make a nice painting.

a very old variety of lilac that was planted the year after we bought the house in 1965. every picture of our daughter in her costumes for dance recitals are in front of this shrub. it is unusual in that some of the blossoms are 2-3 feet long before there is any foliage. it has been cut back at least 3 times over the years. it is so wonderfully fragrant and it wafts my way every year as i am doing my pots for the summer.



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