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Sunday, June 26, 2011

asparagus - garlic scape soup

 i have been making asparagus soup since we started harvesting from our bed some 40 odd years ago. it has always gotten good comments from the asparagus lovers ( with this vegetable there are lovers or haters). now, i get raves! about 6 or 7 years ago, i learned about garlic scapes on a trip to the regional market in syracuse. what a wonderful part of the garlic plant. it happens to bolt from the garlic plant in the mid to late part of the asparagus season. i use them for asparagus soup but i freeze them without blanching them for use in the winter for all kinds of recipes. so , here goes....

asparagus harvested fresh from the garden, ends snapped off
i  made this soup and took the pictures 3 weeks ago and carefully wrote down the amounts. as with most of my recipes, the amounts are not critical. one can use more asparagus, no scapes, more onions, etc.  it is not critical. by the way,  i can not find the list so as usual i am winging it. i think that the most important part for a cook is tasting the final product and adjusting the seasonings.

2 pounds asparagus
1 large handful garlic scapes
1 onion, chopped in chunks
1quart vegetable or chicken broth
2 cups half and half (fat free or regular, heavy cream or soy) does not matter
chopped chives...decorative
salt and pepper to taste

asparagus tips and chives to be added with cream

garlic scape in garden

harvested garlic scapes
pour broth into a dutch oven or large pot and add a large handful of scapes and onion. cook for about 5 minutes and add asparagus. you can chop vegetables if you wish but i do not. it is all going to get pureed when it is tender anyway' 
garlic scapes and onions in broth
cook asparagus , scapes until very tender. puree with wand or processor.  add tips and chives and cook 1 minute and turn off heat. now the trick...this can be refrigerated, frozen, cooled, etc. as long as the cream has not been added. when you are ready to serve this, reheat and add the milk product which has been warmed for a minute or 2 at the most in the microwave.adjust seasonings. it can now be served hot, warm or cold and all the asparagus lovers will rave!


this is a P.S.

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  1. we were just wondering about what to do with garlic scapes! thanks