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Friday, December 3, 2010

crock pot/ pot roast

this is a good recipe for this busy time of year. 20 minutes of preparation at the beginning and 15minutes at the i was finishing my Christmas card as it slowly simmered away. i should say i spent the day fighting with photo shop( no lessons). i finally gave up and called the young man across the street as soon as he got home from school. all i wanted to do was print the inside of the card...yikes ! and a big thank you to Adam!! back to the pot roast...

3-4 pound boneless chuck roast
2 onions, cut is 8ths
3 carrots , washed and cut in pieces( i do not peel them)
1 can fire roasted tomatoes
1 cup of dry red wine
2 bay leaves
salt and pepper to taste

adjust crock pot to 6 hour setting. sear the meat on both sides in either olive oil or bacon fat. cut up onion and place half on bottom of crock pot. add meat and place onion, carrots, tomatoes and wine on top. throw in bay leaves and cover.

go do your chores for 5 1/2 hours. at this point i turn the potatoes on high, i am making mashed for this dish. mix about 4 tablespoons of cornstarch in a little water.  in twenty minutes, mash the potatoes. remove meat and veggies from the crock pot and stir in the cornstarch. it makes a nice gravy for the potatoes.


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