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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tomatoes and more tomatoes

black krim and cherokee, black cherry, roma, and glacier in the back

last year we decided to give growing tomatoes a try again. the eastern coyotes had thinned out the deer herd that live in the swamp and feast in and on our property. also, my husband is now retired and has become a wonderful help in the gardens. i started all the plants from seed and each was staked and faithfully tied . some of the tomatoes were six feet tall.

the tomatoes were just starting to ripen and along came 'late blight', the same culprit that caused the irish potato famine. within 2 weeks every vine and every tomato were blighted and soon dead. it is airborne and the entire area was effected. many commercial growers lost their entire crop.

well, since 'late blight' does not winter over in these parts, we decided to give it another try. the same varieties were started, planted by me and lovingly tied up by 'super hubby'. they are abundant. i am looking forward to making some club sauce as i have for the last 40+ years.

i still like to eat them fresh from the garden with a dash of salt  ;)

the yellow tomatoes are 'jubilee'

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