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Monday, July 19, 2010

the back yard

here is a glimpse of the back yard from the deck
the gardens are neither formal or fancy. the pool is ancient by standards but all of our grandchildren learned to swim there.
beyond is a square foot garden. down a slope is the asparagus bed and beyond that a ghost of a former larger garden . the larger garden once supplied us with most of our vegetables when the kids were home. i grew, picked, canned and froze almost everything. now it hold a dozen staked tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and corn

the back walk where the hydrangeas are glorious this year

40year old asparagus bed that treated us to the earliest we have ever had.

a glimpse of the red runner beans climbing up the fence behind a black cherry heirloom tomato. i can not wait for them to ripen! just above, more green tomatoes...cherokee, glacier, and black krim. the vines are laden with 10 to 15 large tomatoes

the lower garden where the zucchini is almost as tall as the corn.

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